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SportsWrap™ and SportsWrapST™ Rolls and Wraps

Ferris is proud to introduce the newest member of the PolyMem family: SportsWrapST by PolyMem®.

The SportsWrapST Roll provides the same benefits as the SportsWrap Rolls and Wraps, but in a slimmer, thinner profile for ease of use. SportsWrapST can be used for short t ­term response during activity and after injury or during initial recovery. ST helps reduce swelling, inflammation, bruising, stiffness or pain due to acute or chronic injury when the skin is intact. It is constructed of a patented polyurethane membrane material that can be used under supportive wrapping and taping with the same pain relieving benefits of SportsWrap green membrane.

Additional benefits of SportsWrapST include:
    •Effective for use during activity
    •Adjunct to and synergistic with most physical modalities and other therapies
    •Long lasting, drug­ free pain relief

SportsWrap by PolyMem can effectively help reduce pain, bruising, swelling, and the spread of inflammation beyond the immediate zone of injury.

Additional benefits of SportsWrap by PolyMem include:
    • Supports the tissue, limb or joint
    • Cushions and helps to protect from re-injury
    • Helps to provide compression and stabilization
    • Provides gentle counterpressure to skin surface
    • Is comfortably snug without restricting blood flow
    • Insulates from thermal and mechanical shock
    • Retains warmth to encourage blood flow
    • Protects skin from irritating stimulation and abrasion
    • Absorbs perspiration from skin for comfort
    • Moisturizes, lubricates and softens skin

Get your athletes back in the game faster!

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