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SportsWrap™ and SportsWrapST™ Rolls and Wraps

SportsWrap is the world’s first wrap created specifically to manage athletic injuries. For you,that means quicker (more effective) management of the injury. For your athlete, that means a quicker return to game-level performance.

SportsWrap by PolyMem can effectively help reduce pain, bruising, swelling, and the spread of inflammation beyond the immediate zone of injury.

Additional benefits of SportsWrap by PolyMem include:
    • Supports the tissue, limb or joint
    • Cushions and helps to protect from re-injury
    • Helps to provide compression and stabilization
    • Provides gentle counterpressure to skin surface
    • Is comfortably snug without restricting blood flow
    • Insulates from thermal and mechanical shock
    • Retains warmth to encourage blood flow
    • Protects skin from irritating stimulation and abrasion
    • Absorbs perspiration from skin for comfort
    • Moisturizes, lubricates and softens skin

Get your athletes back in the game faster!

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