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PolyMem Silver®

The 4-in-1 antimicrobial mutifunctional dressing
  • PolyMem Silver dressings provide the same benefits of
    the other PolyMem dressings plus the added antimicrobial benefits of small particle silver to help protect wounds from microbial contamination.
  • PolyMem Silver can be used instead of other dressings containing silver because the dressings support moist wound healing while providing a continuous silver reservoir.

An independent comparison study of five silver containing dressings found that PolyMem Silver is the least cytotoxic. The authors say:

“We have demonstrated that PolyMem Silver has the highest absorbancy among the dressings tested in this study. It also has less silver released into the carrier medium and thus it appears to be ‘‘locking up’’ the silver in the dressing. This is potentially a very good feature of a silver based dressing where the bacterial ‘‘kill zone’’ is in the dressing rather than in the wound, thus avoiding the ‘‘collateral’’ damage to the healthy cells within the wound.” 1

PolyMem Silver Benefits

  • Generates silver ions consistently from a continuous silver reservoir
  • Reduces bioburden in the dressing
  • Kills 99.9% of entire population of all bacteria and fungi tested*
  • Incorporates unique silver particles
  • Eliminates need for secondary dressing, except when using PolyMem Wic Silver
  • Absorbs up to 10 times its dressing weight in exudate
  • Maintains a moist wound environment for improved healing
  • Indicates when dressing change is necessary via its clear, thin backing (except PolyMem Wic Silver)
  • Won’t adhere to the wound bed,minimizing damage to wound bed upon removal
  • Continuously cleanses the wound,reducing the need for wound bed cleansing during dressing changes
  • Won't stain skin
  • Helps relieve wound pain and improve comfort2
  • No need to wet or re-wet